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Caribbean Plunge

A stunning drop gets right to the point.

Call this one a chaser. Partnered in a two-slide complex with its mysterious neighbor Bermuda Triangle, Caribbean Plunge lets you “top off” your thrill tank in a quick blast of sheer adrenaline. Grab a brave buddy and a special two-person tube, and then get ready to take on a ridiculously fast drop down a 50 foot double hill. Just how steep is it? It’ll take you a mere three seconds flat to get to the bottom. This drop is so fast, it’s basically going to take two of you to weigh the tube down so it doesn’t simply blast off into orbit.

The extra wide slide will give you plenty of room to spread your wings. But without the comforting tight, close slide walls you’re used to, the feeling of just free falling down a waterfall will be mind-blowingly intense. There’s nothing to hold onto and nothing to bounce off of, except your friend—but they’ll be too busy screaming to be of much use.

By The Numbers

Closed for the Season

Thrill Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 

Slippery Ridge


Need a Swimsuit
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