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Buccaneer Bay

Give the kids some space.

Buccaneer Bay is a huge kid-friendly oasis that’s tricked out with endless opportunities to cut loose and have fun. Think of it as a VIP water resort just for kids! There’s plenty of space for young fish to splash around in, though the water stays shallow and safe throughout.

A free-standing 25-foot tall interactive pirate ship with junior-sized slides to whisk down is parked in the bay, and there are literally acres of wacky fountains to explore.

There are plenty of shade umbrellas to keep you nice and cool, with tons of beachfront property around the bay to lounge while the tykes are at play.

By The Numbers

Key Features
Spray Water Playground
Kids Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

54" maximum unless with child
Location in Park: 

Flash Flood Canyon

Need a Swimsuit
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