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Six Flags White Water
Six Flags White Water
Guest in Activity Pool
Guest in Activity Pool
Guest in Activity Pool
Guest in Activity Pool

Activity Pool

The VIP place for tiny fish.

The big kids have plenty to keep them busy, but even the littlest fishes need a spot designed just for them. This mini play pool right in Wildwater Lagoon is perfect for the smallest kids who want a relaxed and safe spot of their own to kick up a splash.

You’ll be able to ooh and aah at the riders splashing out of the big kids’ slides way across the pool, but this zone is a calm haven where tykes and their families don’t have to worry about too much splash traffic. There are big fountains to play under in the shallow water, and umbrellas to relax under right next to the pool.

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Family Ride
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Wildwater Lagoon

Need a Swimsuit
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