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Pirate Ship Slides

Just What Every Little Kid Needs: Their Own Pirate Ship.

Just adjacent to the massive tree house at Hook’s Lagoon, you’ll find a shipwrecked pirate ship that’s the ultimate playhouse for smaller kids. Slosh through the shallow wading pool to get to the ultimate collection of junior-scale water slides for little fishes.

This secret sea vessel is a swashbucklers’ paradise! Climb aboard up the gangway to find a fully-decorated bounty-style boat with plenty for kids to climb on and explore, but not so big that you can’t keep a lookout on their adventures the whole time. When the giant tree house at Hook’s Lagoon is overrun with pirates, this little ship makes a nice getaway for smaller adventurers who need some breathing room.

The ship has kid-scale water slides coming right off the deck. Walking the plank was never so much fun!

Water Park Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

48" maximum.
Location in Park: 

Hurricane Harbor

Need a Swimsuit
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