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Six Flags Over Georgia
Six Flags Over Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia

All Rides

From thrilling coasters to rides for the kids, we’ve got them all listed here, for your convenience.

A copy of our Safety and Accessibility Guide for Guests is available HERE.


ACME Trucking Company
Minimum Height: 36"

Some kids have a need for speed. Now your little drivers can take the wheel and feel the thrill of the road!

Minimum Height: 52"

Get ready to make your heart race as you're dropped over 200 thrilling feet on Acrophobia!

Guests riding BATMAN
Minimum Height: 54"

BATMAN: The Ride will show you what it feels like to be the ultimate caped crusader.

Blue Hawk
Minimum Height: 48"

Master the art of looping on this stealthy supercoaster, including upward spirals, and corkscrew dives.

Bonzai Pipelines
Closed for the Season
Minimum Height: 42"

Take the plunge on two slides with sharp turns or test your courage on the third slide's four-story drop.

Bugs Bunny high sea adventure
Minimum Height: 36"

High-flying adventure awaits as you lift off for a tiny tour of Bugs Bunny Boomtown.

Guests in Calypso Bay
Closed for the Season
Minimum Height: None

No need to go to the beach when you can ride four-foot waves right here.

Daffy Duck Bucket Blasters
Minimum Height: 36"

There's so much twisting and turning in these buckets, you'll never know where the water will spray next!

Guests riding Dahlonega Mine Train
Minimum Height: 42"

You’ll dive into an old mining car for this crazy ride through the treacherous hills of the frontier.

Two people on a roller coaster
Minimum Height: 48"

A 95 foot vertical lift is nothing compared to the beyond vertical drop on this steel champion.

Minimum Height: 54"

Stand up to unnerving drops and inversions on 11 stories of steel, firing through all your spare adrenaline.

Guests on Gold Town Racers
Minimum Height: 40" with adult

Burn rubber in these classic go-karts, with a high-speed zoom around hairpin curves. Additional fee required.

Goliath Curve
Minimum Height: 54"

As far as roller coasters go, there are beasts, there are giants, and then there is Goliath.

Gotham City Crime Wave
Minimum Height: 48"

A jumbo carousel tower hoists you into the air for a swinging dance of doom with DC super villains.

Guests riding the Great American Scream Machine
Minimum Height: 42"

The famous wooden scream-maker is a powerhouse of epic heights and dramatic speed! 

Family on Hanson Cars
Minimum Height: None with adult

Now you can take a spin back in time and drive your very own antique car!

Harley Quinn Spinsanity
Minimum Height: 42” with adult

Prepare for a twisted time as you and your family take on the craziest spin ride in all of GOTHAM!

Hurricane Harbor Sign
Closed for the Season
Minimum Height: Varies By Attraction

Hurricane Harbor, our massive in-park water park, is open late May through September. 

Justice League
Minimum Height: 42"

A fully immersive 4-D experience, with you right in the middle of the action!

Guests getting ready for a big splash
Temporarily Closed
Minimum Height: 36" with adult

Make a splash on this classic flume ride down a mountain river, with scenic views and heart-pumping drops!

Looney Tunes Adventure Camp
Minimum Height: None with adult

Run wild in this giant kids’ Looney Tunes playplace full of fun things to explore, climb, and slide!

Train Engine
Minimum Height: None

See the world and tour the park from an old timey steam engine locomotive.

Mind Bender
Minimum Height: 42"

Celebrating 40 YEARS in 2018, this classic coaster will flip you mercilessly at 50 mph.

Monster Mansion
Minimum Height: None

Sail into a magical world of monstrous imagination, on this interactive, fully immersive, creepy spookfest!

Not Open Yet

Coming in 2019! Tallest Swinging Pendulum in the Southeast.

Paradise Island
Closed for the Season
Minimum Height: None

Explore our interactive children's playground featuring three drenching towers, slides and water cannons.

Rabun Gap Railroad Station
Minimum Height: None

Take a magical locomotive tour of Six Flags, from Piedmont to Peachtree Square.

Guests on Riverview Carousel
Minimum Height: None

A magical merry-go-round for the young and young at heart.

Rockin Tug
Minimum Height: 42"

This gushing geyser will make you zig and zag in a toon-tastic tugboat!

Sky Buckets
Minimum Height: 36"

Travel in style in these charming cable cars as you fly 100 feet in the air from Peachtree to ScreamPunk.

Girls soaring in the air
Minimum Height: 42" with adult

Plummet 18 stories through the air at 50 mph for the supreme skydiving experience! Parachute not included.

SkyScreamer in action
Minimum Height: 44" with adult

Tower 24 stories above the ground while swinging at 40 mph. 

Speedy Gonzales Speed Boats
Minimum Height: 36"

Speedy Gonzales lives for speed and his speed boats are no exception!

Superman: Tower of Power
Minimum Height: 42"

Get ready for a drop that even makes the man of steel nervous!

Minimum Height: 54"

Soar the Super Hero way on this intense flight over utterly innovative loops, twists, and curves at 51 mph!

Minimum Height: 38"

BATMAN has trusted you with his best helicopter and is calling for your help as he fights crime!

Minimum Height: 48"

Experience the insanity of rocking back and forth through seven stories of looping mayhem.

Guests enjoying THE JOKER Funhouse Coaster
Minimum Height: 36" with adult

Join THE JOKER on this classic family coaster for a trip through the ultimate Funhouse of insane family fun!

Guests riding Thunder River
Minimum Height: 36" with adult

Your whole family will love riding the rapids together.

Tsunami Surge
Closed for the Season
Minimum Height: 48"

Speed down a five-story drop then finish with a zero-gravity plunge.

Tweety's Tweehouse
Minimum Height: 36”

Take a seat as you get an amazing view!

Twisted Cyclone flip
Minimum Height: 48"

Ride it out on the all-new wood and steel hybrid coaster!

Up, Up and Away
Minimum Height: 36" with adult

Whirl through the sky over Carousel Hill on a revolving hot air balloon float-a-thon.

Wonder Woman Flight School
Minimum Height: 36"

Learn to fly your own invisible jet!

Yosemite Sam Wacky Wagons
Minimum Height: 36" with adult

It's a wacky wagon ride made just for kids!

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