Wave Pool
Wave Pool

Tsunami Bay

Get Tossed Around by the Sea Without Leaving the Pool!

Tsunami Bay is a massive wave pool that generates ocean-size waves, right in the heart of Magic Waters. Surf’s up!

In this giant wave pool, there’s plenty of room for you to spread your flippers and get your wave on.  If ripples are more your style, you can relax in the shallow end, so your little fish can find just the right-sized wave. As you swim deeper in the pool, when the water starts to rise, you’ll rise with it.

One after another you’ll be swamped with each and every wave, pummeled as you try to conquer this storm. Surrounded by good vibes, spend a day in the ocean, without ever leaving Magic Water. Floating up and down in these waves is good for you too. You’ll stay cool as a fish on a hot summer day, while getting some rays of sun as well.

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