Tropical Twister white slides
Tropical Twister white slides with life guard watching the splash pool
Tropical Twister white slides

Tropical Twisters

Watch Out! These Tropical Twisters are coming at you with three thrilling slides!

At five stories high, Tropical Twisters presents you with a difficult choice: which Tropical Twister will you take on? WIth three slides, there will be three times the thrill!

Will you pick the right slide that is known to twist, the left that is known to turn or will you dare to take the speedy middle? The choice is yours! Once you have picked your Twister, it is time to be whrilled around at twister like speeds. These gigantic slides will send  you to the splash pool in no time! 

What do you think?

Thrill Ride

Minimum Height

Need a Swimsuit
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