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Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari
Jackson, New Jersey
Safari truck driving over a hill with llamas

Silver Safari

This program is geared towards seniors who would like to see the world’s wildlife in a 2-3 hour excursion. Safari is 350 acres with over 1200 animals consisting of 70 different species from 6 different continents. Your group will board our open air military trucks and get up close and personal with our exotic animals. Stop at Camp Aventura to feed our giraffes and see reptiles, parrots, giant anteater and more! These private tours take place only on days the park is closed to enhance the experience. This program is for seniors 55 years young and up.  No children allowed.  The program is 100% outside please dress for the weather.


$27.99 + tax per person. Buy 10 get 1 free!



Groups of 25 or more

September 19, 20, 23, 25

October 1-4, 7, 8, 11, 21-25

Small groups of 1-24

October 15


To book your group, print the order form in the 'Plan Your Event' box. Fill out the form completely selecting all applicable package details and payment methods and mail or fax the form to the address or fax number provided. Please call or e-mail to ensure the date you choose is available, prior to returning your order form.

There are 2 options for booking the program: 

1. Groups of 25 or more can book a date just for their group.  100 person maximum. 

2. Smaller groups, couples etc. can book on our small groups day.

Planning and Additional Questions

For help with planning your event and for additional questions, please contact a planning specialist using the 'E-mail Us' option in the 'Plan Your Event' section or calling the number provided. 


10:00-10:15:           Arrive at Six Flags/Check in/Bathrooms

10:15-10:30:           Load onto shuttle or back on your bus and head to our off road trucks

10:30:                      First half of the safari tour

11:00:                      Camp Aventura:  Giraffe feed/animal presentations/lunch (order of events is up to your group)

12:00:                      Load off road trucks/second part of your tour

12:45-1:00:              Load shuttle or bus/Bathrooms/Checkout



Q: What if I can’t walk for very long?

A:  We try and accommodate all activity levels.  We provided door to truck service to limit the amount of walking.  Camp Aventura is an optional walk around area that can be utilized if decided by your group. There are several benches at this location if you need to take a break.   

Q:  What is Camp Aventura?

A:  Camp Aventura is a walk around animal area that is home to parrots, exotic reptiles, giant anteater, sloth and lots more.  This area is considered the half way mark of the tour and is in the middle of Safari.  This is where the giraffe feeding would take place.  We provide a short animal presentation so you can meet some of the animals up close.  This area does require some walking around.  If your group wants to walk around and you don’t we have plenty of seating to relax and enjoy being out in the middle of safari.  

Q: Do you provide lunch or can we bring our own?

A:  We encourage you to bring your own.  In the past groups have opted to bring their lunches/snacks or go out to lunch after the program is over.  If you are bringing your lunch you will have the opportunity to eat at Camp Aventura.  Please let Safari Programs team know what your group decides.       

Q: Are you wheelchair accessible?

A:  Yes. We have 2 trucks that can accommodate 2 wheelchairs per truck.  Unfortunately, we do not allow motorized scooters or wheelchairs.  We do have wheelchairs that you can transfer to if necessary.  Please inform us of anyone using a wheelchair so we can get the proper trucks ready. 

Q:  What happens in the event of bad weather?

A:  In the event of inclement weather we will work with your group to reschedule to a different date.     

Q: How should we get there?

A: We recommend a bus.  This way everyone is together and we can start the tour as soon as you are done checking in.  If a bus isn’t an option than as few cars as possible and make sure to give the names of the drivers to the Safari Programs Staff before you visit. 

Q:  How bumpy is the ride?

A:  The trucks do go off road to get closer to the animals, but our drivers do their best to make it a smooth ride.  The back row is bumpier than the rest so we recommend not sitting in that row. 

Q:  How many people can fit on each truck?

A:  ADA trucks seat 2 wheelchairs and 15 passengers. All other trucks seat 31 passengers (25 if not including the back row)

Q:  Are service animals allowed?

A:  For the safety of your service animal and the safety of our animals we do not allow service animals aboard the trucks or at Camp Aventura.   


Learn more about Camp Aventura where you'll stop during your safari:

Camp Aventura

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