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Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari
Jackson, New Jersey

Safari Off Road Education

Experience animal science outside the classroom. Students board our off road vehicles getting a guided tour learning about over 70 species of animals. Stop at Camp Aventura to interact with animals up close before finishing your tour. This program corresponds to NJ Student Learning Standards. 


NEW THIS YEAR: Exclusive Home School Day - April 20
Enjoy the Safari Off Road Education Program with no attendance minimum! This is best suited for ages 3 and up to focus on learning. Follow the same itinerary! Limit to 200 participants. Booking online is coming soon. Contact [email protected] for more details.

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School Group Dates:
April 21, 23, 27-30,
May 4-7

All dates must be confirmed by a Safari Programs Representative.
Submitted paperwork reserves your spot.
Complete payment secures your date.


10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. (end time is approximate)


For questions and/or reservations please contact the Safari Programs Department at (732) 928-2000 ext. 2221 or email at [email protected]


$26.99 + $1.79 tax = $28.84
Buy 10 tickets, get one free!
Memberships and Season Passes are not valid for this program.

Program Itinerary

  • 100% of program is outdoors, program will run rain or shine.  Rescheduling available for severe weather forecasts.
  • Start off by watching our sea lions strut their stuff.  This is a 10 minute presentation. 
  • Each group (truck assignment) will be dismissed one at a time for our Safari Off Road Adventure. 
  • You will have a guided tour through the first half of safari before stopping at Camp Aventura.
  • Camp Aventura is home to parrots, reptiles, exotic mammals, farm animals and more.  This is where your group will eat lunch.
  • While at Camp your tour guide will take you to different animal stations as well as a giraffe feed.  It is important for all teachers and chaperones to stay with their assigned group.  Stop at the gift shop before heading back to your truck.
  • Tour the second half of safari before heading back to your buses. 

**Program itinerary is subject to change**


Truck Assignments

We prefer that every seat be filled which may mean separating classes.  We understand this may not be possible due to chaperone/teacher to student ratio.  Assigning groups before you arrive will help the process of assigning a tour guide move more quickly.  Please fill out the Truck Assignment Sheets (Step 4 of your ordering packet) before your program date. Truck seats 31 people. 

ADA trucks

We have two trucks that have the capacity of accommodating up to two wheel chairs each.  We also have wheel chairs on site if needed.  Please let us know when booking of how many wheelchairs you will have. 

These trucks seat 19 additional people.



Please bring your own lunches.  Please be sure to label the lunches with the name of your school. 

  • You can have the children carry their own
  • You can have coolers
  • You can put lunches in large garbage bags


Gift Shop

  • At Camp Aventura there is a gift shop which may add time to your trip.  To ensure efficiency please make sure students have their money out and understand the prices DO NOT include tax.
  • If you would like to skip the gift shop please let us know at the time of booking.  



  1. Please aim to arrive at 9:30 a.m. This will allow time for checking in. 
  2. Arriving in personal cars is discouraged. A $5 fee will apply to personal cars.
  3. If you are running late, please call 732-730-4185.
  4. Use the Employee and Service entrance (if coming from 195 and driving on 537 West this will be on the left hand side.  If driving on 537 East this will be on your right hand side).  There are 2 “Now Hiring” signs as well as an “Employee and Service Entrance” sign.   
  5. You will then come to a security gate and guard.  They will know of your group and provide instructions. FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS GIVEN BY THE SECURITY GUARD.  They will radio safari staff once you arrive. 
  6. A safari employee will meet you in a zebra-striped Land Rover.  If there are any special conditions that have not been previously mentioned like needing an ADA truck or needing to leave at a certain time, please go over this now.  
  7. Follow the zebra striped rover.  Buses will be unloading in our gravel lot.  Look for Safari staff to direct you of where to go.  Any personal cars will park right outside the gravel lot.  Look for Safari staff to direct you.  Cars are left at owner's risk.
  8. Buses can stay parked on Six Flags property in a gravel lot.  Please provide us with a contact phone number for the driver.  Please note:  The theme park is closed so rides and restaurants will not be open.  Bus drivers are more than welcome to leave the property and come back.  The outlets are a couple minutes up the road.  We ask that they are back on park property a half hour before the estimated time of tour completion. 



  • Are there animals that the students can hold?
    • We do have a lot of domestic animals and reptiles that they can touch.  The safari staff will be the only ones holding them though.  New Jersey is a strict state when it comes to touching exotic animals.  Please instruct your class to always ask before touching an animal.
  • What is the presentation?
    • Presentation goes over the characteristics of mammals and how it applies to sea lions while demonstrating the operant conditioning techniques we use to train them.
  • What if we can’t get there until after the program starts?
    • Your program will be altered to fit your time of arrival.  This may mean missing out on the presentation or other aspects of the program.  The sooner you let us know about your late arrival, the better we can plan the program.
  • What if we have to leave earlier than the program end time?
    • End time is approximate based on how many other schools are present that day.  Please communicate as soon as you know what time you need to leave.  This may mean missing out on the presentation or other aspects of the program.
  • How much walking is there?
    • Walking from the presentation to the Safari Off Road Adventure station is about five minutes.  While at Camp Aventura you will be on your feet for about half an hour. 
  • Are there bathrooms?
    • Bathrooms are available at every meeting point. 



To book your class, print the order form in the 'Plan Your Event' box. Fill out the form completely selecting all applicable package details and payment methods and mail or fax the form to the address or fax number provided. Please call or e-mail to ensure the date you choose is available, prior to returning your order form.

Planning and Additional Questions

For help with planning your event and for additional questions, please contact a planning specialist using the 'E-mail Us' option in the 'Plan Your Event' section or calling the number provided.

Learn more about Camp Aventura where you'll stop on your safari:

Camp Aventura

Animal Encounter

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