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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California

Shark Week

Shark Week is Back for a Jaw-Dropping Week of Learning Fun!

Join us starting Saturday, July 27 through Sunday, August 4 as we dive in deep and celebrate the incomparable annual event, SHARK WEEK!  This year marks the 31st anniversary of one of television's most popular events airing on The Discovery Channel, with all new shark stories and shark tales. This week-long foray into the world of sharks features fascinating programs and learning opportunities. 

Visit the Shark Experience during Shark Week to see these Super Heroes of the Sea during our annual Super Hero Summer. Are they truly the villains as people may think, or are they the heroes of the underwater ecosystem?

Sharks Have Super Powers

Indeed, of the over 400 species of sharks, some possess some odd, perhaps striking characteristics, like a sixth sense that help them detect and locate their prey. Some have the power of flight, as you may have seen them leap out of the water to catch their prey;

Shark Enemies

While often thought of as the villains, sharks have many nemeses that threaten their survival. This includes soup finners  - those that catch sharks and cut their fins off, then throw them back into the ocean, where they eventually die, all for the sake of soup. And you know about marine debris, but this continues to threaten ocean life, especially sharks.

You'll learn a lot about our Super Heroes of the Sea, and be on hand for activities, aquarists talks and diving and feeding demonstrations (limited times). You can also donate to important ocean conservation programs, and be eligible to win prizes all week long!

Sharks are amazing! Come to the Shark Experience during Shark Week to see why!



July 27 - August 4

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