Six Flags Darien Lake
Six Flags Darien Lake
Buffalo, NY

Math/Physics Day

It’s Fun in Motion!

Math & Physics Day, Thursday, June 4, 2020

 Area schools participate in Math/Physics Day throughout the park! Students grades 9-12 will learn firsthand how math, physics, & science apply to their lives! We provide student workbooks that correspond with their experience at Darien Lake. More information coming soon!

Science Day, Thursday June 4, 2020

Eager and Energized? There's energy all over the park! Students grades 3-8 identify specific forms of energy, and sort and classify rides into categories. Experience kinetic and potential energy on the Predator and fell the G-force on the Viper. Scientists from the Mad Science program will be here to transform laboratory science into fun, interactive learning experiences.

Educational Event
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